ReachUC Connector does much more than just CRM integration. It is also a fully featured unified communications client providing features such as Presence, Softphone and Microsoft Teams integration.

Find below the comprehensive list of key solutions available with ReachUC Connector.


Included with and configured from within ReachUC Connector and provides a range of set integration features.

Integration Feature: Add Contact

Add a record to the integrated business application(s) directly from the client Call History page or Preview Window.

Integration Feature: Activity Logging

Manually or automatically creates an activity record of a call received within the integrated business application and allows addition of notes.

Integration Feature: Screen Popping

Allows a CRM contact record associated with an inbound callers number to be opened in the preview window

Microsoft Teams Integration

Show, add, pop CRM contact from a Microsoft Teams calls, change preferred device, open Microsoft Teams chat from ReachUC Connector Presence window, show colleague’s photo from Presence, and more

Call History

The Call History window contains a list of an extension user’s recent calls. Users can make calls directly from the Call History window.


Dialing from web browsers and integrated applications, including bespoke and clipboard dialing


ReachUC Connector includes an embedded Softphone allowing the user to make a call directly from their computer


A dockable window allowing a user to see extension status/availability of their co-workers, Call co-workers, transfer calls or pick up co-worker calls, Add contacts, Start Microsoft Teams chats, and more.

What's ReachUC Connector?

ReachUC Connector is a unified communications client for hosted telephony platforms. It provides integration to contact-orientated business systems and CRM applications, offering a standard set of integration features with over 350 popular cross-vertical and vertical-specific applications.

Easy to Configure and Use

ReachUC Connector allows for easy setup with dynamic integrated help found right in the client!

New CRM Added

8 new additions to the supported CRM list!

Activity Logging in CRM

Manually or automatically create an activity record for a call received within the integrated business application and the addition of notes.

Newly Added CRM Integrations

Already supporting over 200 different CRM applications, Nava will also get quarterly updates with the latest CRM add-ins!